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The IR Guru is put together by Andy Cook, a long standing Industrial and Employee Relations Practitioner.

(However, Andy is not and does not claim to be the IR Guru!)

The idea behind the IR Guru is simply to promote Industrial and Labor Relations to anyone who is interested in the subject. This includes people from business, unions, HR, Line Managers, Labor Organisations and government.

The interviews show how Industrial Relations and Labor Relations offer interesting, challenging and rewarding careers whilst bringing the perspectives of key influencers.

Many HR people in particular tend to see IR or ER as being something to be avoided but with any luck, the Guru offers a different perspective. So, whatever Industrial, Labor or Employee Relations means to you, hopefully you will find something or someone of interest featured in our bulletins.

A word on terminology – as we have an international readership, we try to cover all the bases and so we use Industrial, Labor and Employee Relations to mean the same thing – the relationship between an Employer and a Union or Unions.

That’s it – the IR Guru isn’t selling services, its free, so please support us by subscribing, encourage your colleagues to subscribe or anyone else you think might be interested.

If you would like a chat about anything relating to Industrial, Labor or Employee Relations or have any suggestions, please get in touch –

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